The TRUTH About the 2023 Social Security Increase 

According to The Senior Citizens League…

The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be 8.7% for 2023.

This is down from the group’s forecast last month (which was 9.6%).

But either way, with groceries up 20%… sky-high power bills… and the raging inflation that we have…

The new Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will barely make a dent.

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Now, as you may know…

The Senior Citizens League is a nonpartisan senior group that estimates how much Social Security benefits may increase.

And based on the latest CPI data, it seems that increase may be 8.7%.

The talking heads call this a “record high cost-of-living adjustment.”

But as you’ve probably noticed in your own bills…

That 8.7% rise doesn’t even scratch the surface of the gigantic price increases we’re seeing everywhere.

As the rope of inflation is only getting tighter by the day…

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Trade Wisely,
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