Should You Buy United Airlines Ahead of Earnings?

Earnings Season

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) is posting earnings tomorrow…

And thanks to a low-risk trade that’s proven to win nearly 80% of the time…

You could make $840 in 3hrs – no matter if the stock rises or falls.

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United Airlines is on a win streak ahead of earnings.

The stock is up 37% YTD…

And Wall Street expects it to deliver a year-over-year increase in earnings on revenues.

But here’s why I couldn’t care less if the stock rises or falls after earnings – and why neither should you:

Most traders will bet that the stock will go up or down.

But thanks to a little-known trading formula that for the past 5 years has piled up a cumulative profit of 719%

You could place this simple trade… do so with maximum safety…

And walk out with a 3-hour profit no matter if the stock rises or falls.


Well, this is exactly what we just did with one of my last trades…

Making a 16.1% profit – enough to make a $840 profit from just $5k…

In 3 hours.

And it doesn’t involve anything complicated like shorting stocks or buying risky naked options.

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Here’s the thing.

This may go against all the rules you’ve heard…

But you could profit much more often when you don’t look at the company’s filings… what the talking heads say the stock will do… or any of the typical information most focus on right before a company reports earnings.


Because this simple trading method reveals to you if the stock has a high chance of making you fast profits, no matter if it the stock rises or falls.

That is how we’ve been able to make 3-hour profits just like these:

  • $525 on PG
  • $680 on AXP
  • $710 on MA
  • $735 on WMT
  • $780 on V
  • $815 on TXN
  • $850 on SBUX
  • $915 on CVS
  • $1,025 on MSFT
  • $1,060 on QCOM
  • $1,130 on IBM
  • $1,100 on AAPL
  • $1,130 on DIS
  • $1,335 on EA
  • $1,830 on FB

And while these returns are based on a $5k investment, you can start small…

Getting your feet wet with just $500 or $1k.

But no matter what you choose to invest…

By simply using this unique 3-hour trade, you could turn a small account into a massive one quickly.

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