Top Stocks if DeSantis Becomes President

Wall Street is bullish on a Ron DeSantis presidency.

They just put out a report talking about the potential winning and losing stocks if the Florida Governor were to become president.

But making bets on a DeSantis presidency is pure speculation.

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Strategas Research Partners is an advisory firm run by Jason Trennert.

It’s one of the firms that is considering a possible DeSantis win.

And they shared a report with stocks that could benefit from it and stocks that could tank called “DeSantis Winners & Losers Baskets.”

According to the report…

The DeSantis winners are already outperforming the DeSantis losers.

It’s a sign that Wall Street is bullish on a DeSantis 2024 win – and that they believe investors should begin planning their portfolios to benefit from his policies.

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