Why 3 Billionaires Are Investing Here – Right Now

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Jeff Bezos. Richard Branson. Elon Musk.
The three billionaires are betting a fortune on this new growth market. And it has nothing to do with e-commerce, music or electric cars.
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Now, this may sound like science fiction . . .
The trio of billionaires are each committing millions to new space travel and tourism ventures. And in the case of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos – his investment is now over $1 billion!
Don’t be mistaken.
These new ventures are no joke. And they should NOT be overlooked.
The overall space market is currently valued at around $400 billion a year.
That number includes the capital investment by NASA, China National Space Administration and the Russian space program. It’s a huge market – and it’s growing very, very quickly.
In fact, this market is expected to double to $805 billion by 2030!
Now, the U.S. is currently reducing its funding of NASA.
The real industry growth is expected to come from a new group of space travel, tourism and service companies. These companies are filling the NASA void – and could make early investors a small fortune (click here).
In fact, a recent report from the investment bank UBS says that space travel could become a $20 billion market.
That’s why I’m planning to BUY these “insider shares” in one of the top space companies. And I’m going to get into the deal before it’s widely known.
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Follow the ‘Smart Money’

On Wall Street, there is “smart money.” And there is everyone else.
The smart money refers to investors who have a history of building massive wealth.
It’s often smart to follow the smart money into their favorite stocks. For example, let’s say you see Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn buying up shares of a little-known stock. That might be a good hint that the stock could be a great investment.
The same is true in the emerging space travel industry.
Jeff Bezos SOLD overpriced Amazon stock for $1.8 billion last year. And where did he invest the money?
Well, Amazon’s CEO plowed over $1 billion into this up-and-coming space travel company.
These types of deals are ALWAYS off limits to regular investors. However, I’ve uncovered an easy way for you to secure “insider shares” of a top space travel player.
My early estimate suggests that we could be looking at 517% profits – and it could happen very, very quickly.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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