How to Buy Dropbox Stock . . . Before the IPO

On Friday at 9:30 am Eastern, the opening bell will ring at the NASDAQ.
A few minutes later, Dropbox stock will OPEN for trading as “DBX.”
99.9% of investors must WAIT until then to BUY shares. But using a secret – 100% legal loophole – you can BUY shares before Dropbox trades on NASDAQ.
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Dropbox is going to be the biggest IPO in over a year.
Shares are expected to price between $16 – $18 per share.  But don’t be surprised if Wall Street bankers up the ante.
The Dropbox IPO is currently “oversubscribed” – according to insiders who confidentially spoke with CNBC.
Dropbox stock offering is expected to be around $612 million. And the company’s market value is expected to be around $7.6 billion.
Yet even that large offering isn’t going to be enough to satisfy investor interest.
That means even preferred clients at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan will be locked out of the IPO.

Dropbox Stock: Key Growth Opportunities

There’s a lot to like about Dropbox.
The company has over 500 million users, including 11 million paying subscribers.
The large size of the user base creates a huge opportunity. Only 2.2% of users currently PAY Dropbox.
If the company were to increase that number to just 3% or 4%, we’d see a sharp increase in revenues. And that would be enough to push the company to profitability.
I’d expect the newly public Dropbox to improve efforts to convert free users into paying members. The company’s “freemium” approach is great for creating an audience. And increased pressure from Wall Street should accelerate the company’s focus on profits.

The SalesForce Factor

The world’s largest independent cloud computing company is taking notice.
SalesForce (NYSE: CRM) just announced a new partnership with Dropbox. This will integrate Dropbox into existing product offerings.
Plus, SalesForce is putting its own money on the line. The company will invest $100 million to BUY Dropbox stock in a private placement offering at the initial public offering price.
That’s a strong vote of confidence from the #1 cloud tech company in the world.
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So, where will Dropbox stock open?
My best guess would be around $23. That’d be a healthy 35% jump from the mid-point of the projected IPO price range.
That means you have two choices.
Option 1: Wait until Friday, and HOPE that you can BUY the stock for $23.
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A company only goes public ONCE.
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