Canada Government Approves New $8.7 Billion Market

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On Sunday, CBC News in Canada reported “Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018.”
I’ve been waiting for this BIG news out of Canada.
It’s been widely rumored that the Canadian government was going to roll out plans for full legalization. Some in the “legal weed” community thought the announcement might coincide with the April 20 celebration of cannabis.
Instead, it looks like the news will be released during the week of April 10.
The news sent the Canadian Marijuana Index jumping 9.2% yesterday.

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This isn’t exactly unexpected. In December 2016, a task force created by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made recommendations for the complete legalization of cannabis.
Among those suggestions was that recreational use be fully legalized for adults, and that cannabis be fully regulated just like alcohol and tobacco. Now it sounds like cannabis will be legalized and 100% available starting next year.
Canada is embracing this growth industry in the right way: Legalize it. Regulate it. Tax it. Grow the economy.
The announcement is a huge positive catalyst for the 38 licensed Canadian marijuana producers. These companies have been approved by the federal government to produce, distribute and sell marijuana.
Right now, their only clients are the 98,460 medical marijuana patients. That market is growing at a very healthy pace of 220%, year-over-year.
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But the real growth will come from recreational use.
Accounting firm Deloitte recently published the results of their research. Currently, 22% of Canadians use cannabis recreationally. Another 17% say they would try weed if it were legal.
Those numbers translate into a potential market of 14 million people. And Deloitte estimates the potential annual sales at $4.9 – $8.7 billion. The report found that:
“The results suggest that on sales of recreational marijuana alone, the Canadian marketplace could be as much as $5B per year to start – a number on par with the Canadian spirit market (whiskey, vodka, rum, etc.). At the upper threshold, which takes into account the people who are “likely to consume,” marijuana sales alone could be as high as $8.7B, similar to sales generated by wine.”
That type of growth market is attracting tons of attention.  Especially considering the current uncertainty of the sector in the U.S.
How to Invest in 100% Legal Marijuana
The latest news confirms that Canada is going to be the first G7 nation to fully legalize cannabis.
There has been a lot of hype around the sector. Some of its well-deserved. And much of it is overdone. So, let’s stick with the facts.
The companies that are producing marijuana in Canada are the most likely to benefit from this news. That’s why many of these stocks jumped 9% – 11% yesterday.
One company is currently privately held. And it’s getting ready to IPO.
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