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Let me tell you a story about a tiny company called Vapen MJ Ventures.
Vapen is a fully integrated Arizona cannabis company.
The company grows cannabis in a 32,000-square-foot space, produces vape products with the Vapen brand and sells medical marijuana to patients at a dispensary in Phoenix.
In the last three months, the company’s sales grew 48% to $6.5 million.
Unlike most “pot stocks,” Vapen is actually profitable, with $1.7 million in net income.
In early May, the company was on the verge of going public (click here for the next IPO).
Vapen sold shares to investors at the bargain price of just $1 per share . . .
Valuing the entire company at $80 million.
On May 13, shares started trading at $1.30. And as of today, the stock price had jumped to $1.93.
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