Election 2016: 48-Hour Countdown

In just two days, Americans will head to the polls to cast their vote for the next president.s&p500-stocks
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have rock-bottom approval ratings. Many voters feel as though they are simply selecting “the best of the worst.” And the election is certainly one of the most divisive and negative in history.
On Nov. 9, we hope to wake up knowing WHO will be the next president.
We know the stock market hates uncertainty. A decisive – and uncontested election result – is paramount for market stability.
There is no way of knowing the results of the presidential election in advance . . . let alone important elections in the House and Senate. That’s why we’ll be hosting an exclusive election event next week.

LIVE Presidential Election 2016 Event!

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

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This is the craziest election in history. With a great amount of uncertainty, the outcome could have a big impact on the stock market in the near-term.
Join me for this 2016 Presidential Election event. I’m pulling together our entire team for a live briefing after the election.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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