It’s Going to Be Bigger Than Whiskey, Vodka and Rum

The end of prohibition is here.
It’s already started in 26 U.S. states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use. And it’s happening in Canada, where medical use is 100% legal.
Early investors including Peter Thiel are already cashing in. And you can too.
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In Canada, cannabis is currently legal in both the dried and capsule form for medical patients with a doctor’s prescription.
Starting in 2013, Health Canada began considering applications from private companies that wanted to produce cannabis. In 2013, a total of six companies were granted a production license.
Since then more than 1,630 companies have applied for a license. And the total number of production licenses has grown to 56 companies.
These licenses are extremely rare. One Canadian investor explained that these licenses are each worth at least $100 million… and possibly considerably more.
Canada: We Have a Problem
On July 1, 2018, Canada will face an unprecedented problem.
That’s when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is expected to legalize cannabis for recreational use.
When that happens, we’re going to see millions of Canadians buying cannabis through legal channels. In fact, 22% of Canadians use weed recreationally right now. Including 7% of the adult population that reports to be “daily users.”
In early July, we saw the same thing happen in Nevada. The state rushed to legalize recreational use. Within one weekend, dispensaries were sold out. And the Governor took prompt action to avoid shortages.
In Canada, recreational use is expected to spark huge demand.
Consider for a minute that last year, Canadian companies produced 31,000 kilograms of cannabis. By 2019 – the first full year of legalization – demand is estimated to top 619,000 kilograms.
That’s a 20x increase in just three years.
In U.S. states where recreational use has been legalized, early consumption estimates are often exceeded.
Deloitte Research recently released a detailed report on the booming growth sector. And I think this piece of the report highlights the size and scale of the market potential:
“The results suggest that on sales of recreational marijuana alone, the Canadian marketplace could be as much as $5 billion per year to start – a number on par with the Canadian spirit market (whiskey, vodka, rum, etc.). At the upper threshold, which takes into account the people who are “likely to consume,” marijuana sales alone could be as high as $8.7 billion, similar to sales generated by wine.”
Bigger than spirts? Perhaps even bigger than wine sales?
That’s HUGE sales for a product that had been illegal in Canada since the 1923 Act to Prohibit the Improper Use of Opium and other Drugs.
Now is the best time to selectively begin getting invested in this growth sector.
Some of these investments are already surging as much as 711% – 1,364%. Others haven’t yet taken off, and seem poised for a big run-up before legalization.
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