How to Invest in Volatile Markets

There’s no getting around the volatility in the stock market these days. It’s seems good news one day is offset by bad news the next.

It’s maddening for investors to watch their investments yo-yo back and forth. Even the best, most stable stocks in the market are not immune from the volatility.

At times like these, it’s often a good idea for individual investors to step back from the day-to-day swings of the stock market, and identify long-term trends that are not likely to change, no matter what happens.

Make a list. Start a watch-list of stocks that will benefit from the trends you identify. This will help you maintain a perspective within which you can identify attractive entry points.

For instance, banking isn’t going to go away. And many investors feel that Citigroup offers attractive long-term upside. Buying a little Citigroup every time it moves lower is a good way to scale into the stock.

Oil is another asset that many investors believe has long-term upside potential. And with the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, investors are being automatically directed to buy domestic land-based oil stocks. For a guide to top oil stocks with +50% upside potential, click HERE.

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