China Tariffs Can’t Touch This Growth Sector

China just announced new tariffs on another $50 billion of U.S. imports. The tariffs target 106 types of goods including airplanes and soybeans.
That was in response to yesterday’s announcement from the Trump administration. Trump’s imposing a 25% import tax on 1,300 categories of Chinese goods.
China’s response is designed to bring the Trump administration to the negotiation table. Finance Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao said, “Both sides have put their lists on the table. Now it’s time for negotiations.”
A trade war may seem inevitable. But the U.S. and China have at more than 180 days to negotiate before any tariffs would take effect.
America’s #1 growth sector is completely OFF LIMITS to China’s tariffs.
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What is North America’s #1 growth sector?
I’m talking about legal cannabis.
Cowen & Co. is a top Wall Street bank. It predicts that legal cannabis will be a $50 billion market by the year 2026.
Meanwhile, Ackrell Capital estimates that  it will become a $100 billion industry within 11 years . . .  with 50 million Americans using cannabis.
Meanwhile, Canada is just five months away from full legalization. Research from Deloitte estimates that the market could quickly reach $8.7 billion.
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Canada is quickly becoming the world’s leader in legal cannabis.
That’s because the liberal government is paving the way for this growth industry.
Several years ago, the government set up “Health Canada” to oversee the licensing and regulation of cannabis for medical patients.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on full legalization of weed. And he’s quickly working to make good on that campaign promise in 2018.
Legal cannabis is the fastest growing sector of the economy in Canada and the U.S. And the good news is that it has nothing to do with China.
U.S. companies in the industry are typically restricted to production in a single state. Meanwhile, Canadian companies are looking to expand internationally.
However, they’re focusing on partnerships in countries including Australia, Germany and Portugal.
At this point, nobody is contemplating sending cannabis exports to China.
That’s probably because possession of more than 5kg of processed cannabis can result in the death penalty.
With no exports to China, cannabis can’t be touched by this trade war.
All of Canada’s major cannabis companies are already public. There’s just one exception.
This government-approved cannabis company is a powerhouse producer. It’s the leader in organic weed and plans to expand operations overseas.
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