2 P.M. Deadline: Claim Your $1,950 Liberty Check

This is a first. A small-cap specialty retailer declared its first liberty check payments a week ago.
The specialty retailer might be small, but it’s going big with its first liberty check payments.
It will pay $50 million in liberty checks to investors.
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If you’re an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), where everything is measured in billion-dollar increments, $50 million is couch-cushion change. If you’re a small-cap specialty retailer, $50 million is a big deal. It’s comparable to Apple paying $108 billion in liberty checks.
The specialty retailer’s liberty checks are a big deal for its investors.
When the liberty checks were declared, many investors claimed liberty check payments of $1,950. These are the largest liberty checks paid in 2019.
Is it sensible for such a small company to pay such large liberty checks?
The specialty retailer has homed in on a very profitable market niche – affluent women. Its typical customer is 40-to-65 years old, is college educated, and has an annual household income of approximately $150,000.
Women have grown more affluent over the years. The demographic niche has grown over the years, and so has this specialty retailer’s fortunes.
Persistent growth has underpinned the business. The specialty retailer has exploded to 282 stores from one in 1999.
The specialty retailer grows. More important, it grows to convert more revenue into more cash flow.
The specialty retailer continually produces high operating and free-cash flows. Both accounts have trended higher since its debut as a publicly traded entity in 2017.
The cash account held $66.2 million in cash and cash equivalents at the end of the fourth quarter. The account held $13.5 million in cash and cash equivalents two years ago.
The specialty retailer budgeted $50 million to pay the liberty checks. That leaves the cash account with $16.2 million. That’s still more cash than what was held in 2017.
Here’s what the specialty retailer’s board chairman had to say about the liberty checks:
“Given our cash balance, we are pleased to be in a position to return value to our shareholders . . . We believe in the opportunities that continue to lie ahead . . . and look forward to continuing to identify ways in which we can optimize our cash position to balance investment in our strategies as well as deliver value to our shareholders over time.”
I concur. The liberty checks reward investors with exceptional high-yield income. They ensure the specialty retailer will continue to generate high returns on invested capital.
Now, it’s your turn. You can claim a share of this small-cap specialty retailer’s big liberty-check payments.
All you need to do is buy its liberty vouchers to claim your share of the liberty checks. Many investors  have already bought their liberty vouchers. Many will be paid a $1,950 liberty check.
And they’re not done.
Those who have bought the liberty vouchers to claim their liberty checks have opened the opportunity to claim additional income trading their liberty vouchers.
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Many liberty checks have yielded even more. We have claimed liberty check payments that generated income yields 20X the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
You have the opportunity to claim this $1,950 – the largest so far this year. You’ll have the opportunity to claim additional high-yield liberty checks when their declared.
New liberty checks are declared every 20 days on average.
Get your name on our list to claim your first liberty check. A $1,950 liberty check (or larger) is on immediate offer.
But don’t delay. You have only until 2 p.m Eastern Daylight Time (11 a.m Pacific Daylight Time) to add your name to our list.
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