Market Warning ‘Shot’ Was Fired. Time to Pay Close Attention

On Aug. 25, I created a video for all of my Momentum Trade Alerts subscribers that outlined a very stealth but ominous looking pattern on the S&P 500 chart that I thought could be the key to what happens next in the market.
A warning was issued and my readers were on alert.
Before you keep reading, I would stop what you’re doing and watch it here.
I suspected a large price move was coming.
Did I know it would be this past Friday? No.
Does that matter? No.
What matters is that that I was anticipating something happening and was not one bit surprised when it happened.
Now the media will blame Friday’s selloff on comments made by this person or that person. There always has to be a story to them. The “more sellers than buyers” commentary does not make for great TV.
Stocks and markets will almost ALWAYS give you clues as to future price movement  ̶  especially when that price movement is going to be large. These kinds of things rarely just happen out of the blue.
Now, this is not one of those, “I told you so…” articles. That’s just not my style.
I want you to see firsthand how a trained risk analyst pieces together the information as it presents itself to make high probability AND highly educated decisions.
. . . . decisions about future price movement, opportunity and ultimately risk.
Could I have been wrong? Absolutely.
My job however is not to be right or wrong.
My job is to understand and analyze data to support allocating capital with minimal risk and much more potential reward.
So now that the market warning shot was followed by the massive price drop on Friday of last week, what next?
More selling?
Buying opportunity?
In today’s video, I will continue to put the puzzle pieces together as I see them unfolding to make a functional mental game plan going forwards.
I hope this sheds some light on current market conditions and prepares you mentally to be able to take advantage should things start to change.
As always, an educated trader is a profitable trader.

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