IPO Alert: Top 3 Stocks Go Public on April 18

The market for IPOs is heating up . . .
With private companies rushing to go public right now.
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Within the last month, there have been five huge IPO winners:

  • Tradeweb Markets: +32.6%
  • Levi Strauss: +35.8%
  • UP Fintech: +36.5%
  • ShockWave Medical: +79.4%
  • Silk Road Medical: +80.9%

Of course, pre-IPO insiders made much bigger gains.
By securing private shares of these same stocks – before these companies decided to go public.
Next week, three companies will go public . . .  on April 18.
IPO #1: Greenland Holdings
Greenland Holdings makes vaporization products for the cannabis industry. It’s a major player in the accessories business, distributing products in 9,700 retail locations. Last year, sales totaled $179 million.
The company plans to go public on the NASDAQ as “GNLN.” The new IPO is expected to raise $80 million at a market value of $620 million.
IPO #2: Zoom Video
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that makes it easy to host video calls and online meetings. The company’s sales totaled $331 million in the last 12 months.
In its new IPO, Zoom plans to raise $626 million from investors at a market value of $8.7 billion. JP Morgan is leading the financing. And Zoom expects to trade on the NASDAQ as “ZOOM.”
IPO #3: Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media website that’s used by 250 million people. The web site is the third-best-known internet brand in the U.S.  The company earned $755 million in advertising revenues last year.
The company expects to raise $1.2 billion in the new IPO offering. With an expected market value of $9.1 billion, Pinterest will be the biggest of these three IPOs.
Now, most folks will wait for these stocks to start trading. And then they’ll go online to buy the stock.
Unfortunately, these three stocks could jump 20% to 30% once they go public. That means you could end up paying a huge premium.
That’s why I prefer to buy Pre-IPO shares of the best companies . . . before they go public.
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