How to Triple Your Pot Stock Profits Now

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  • 195% on Cronos Group
  • 292% in Canopy Growth
  • 1,237% in Tilray

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Seriously, you’ve got to check this out before Oct. 17. That’s when Canada rolls out legal weed nationwide.
I sat down with Andy Crowder this afternoon to chat about Thursday’s webinar. Below is a transcription of our conversation.
IAN: The entire cannabis sector is taking off.  Can this continue?
ANDY: Short answer is “YES.”
Because we’ve got an industry growing from $9.7 billion last year . . . to over $100 billion. That’s in just the next 11 years.
One Fortune 500 CEO says it could be worth $200 billion in annual sales. That’s huge.
When a market expands by 10X – it’s easy to make money.
IAN: And you’ve already been making money in the sector.
ANDY: I got into Aphria (OTC: APHQF) last year. And I’m now sitting on a 247% gain.
But I wish I’d invested more money in the stock. That always happens when I have a big winner . . .
IAN: That brings us to today. Because you’ve uncovered something remarkable.
ANDY: Definitely.
I just uncovered an amazing way to earn bigger profits from the very best pot stocks.
It’s the perfect way to make more money if you’ve 1) missed out on the bull market, and 2) wish you’d invested more, or 3) simply want to make more money.
IAN: That’s intriguing. Is it risky?
ANDY: That’s the best part. When I explain that you could earn bigger profits . . .
Most people think that means it’s going to introduce more risk. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Because with my Pot Stock Profit Strategy, you can actually reduce your downside risk . . . while multiplying your profits by 3X to 5X.
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IAN: So, what stocks do you trade?
ANDY: You’re probably thinking this has something to do with tiny stocks trading for under $1. But I actually avoid those like the plague.
Instead, I only trade on 10 different companies – that’s out of a universe of 364 publicly traded cannabis stocks!
IAN: And tell me about these “marijuana income payments.”
ANDY: Oh yah – we don’t want to forget that.
You can make huge capital gains with these trades.
But you can also earn regular checks for $300 to $500 – every 30 to 45 days.
I like to call these “marijuana income payments.” But it’s important to realize that this doesn’t have anything to do with dividends or anything illegal.
IAN: Thanks Andy! Lots for us to discuss on Thursday.
Let’s show folks how to earn 3X bigger profits – plus collect these “marijuana income checks.”
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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