What’s Next – AFTER Pot Stocks’ 23% Surge Since Christmas

v Pot stocks lost half of their value since mid-October . . . And pessimism is now widespread.
Have you seen what’s happened since Christmas Eve?
Pot stocks surged 23%!
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Recently, the market has been at a point of capitulation. Most folks were throwing in the towel . . . vowing to NEVER buy another marijuana stock ever again .
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In the past year, I’ve seen a pattern emerge.
It suggests that we could be looking at massive pot stock profits in the next 90 days.
In fact, I’m going to share four case studies with you. These are all based upon the movements for the Horizons Marijuana ETF (TSE: HMMJ).
CASE STUDY #1: December 2017 – January 2018
The pot stock ETF jumped 84% from mid-November to early January.
It the sector plunged 42% in a couple weeks.
pot stock profits
CASE STUDY #2: March 2017
The same thing happened in the spring. The market bounced back after the February decline.
It then lost one-quarter of its value in three weeks.
pot stock profits
CASE STUDY #3: Summer 2017
Between May and late June, the marijuana ETF jumped 25%.
Those gains were then completely erased by mid-July as the stocks when out of favor.
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Case Study #4: Right Now
The same thing is happening right now. The market jumped 80% from mid-August through mid-October.
And it’s since given up a huge portion of those gains – falling 50% in less than three months. You can see the move inside this chart:
pot stock profits
Here’s the thing.
Each of these declines happen very quickly – just like the current drop. When pot stocks fall,  they do so very quickly.
Yet the declines typically aren’t sustained. Typically, within 30 – 60 days the market has rebounded and recovered most or all of the losses.
Today, the Horizons Marijuana ETF is already rebounding – up 23% from the lows. It’s an important signal that this sector of the market is bottoming out right here.
Most folks already threw in the towel.
Yet those who BUY near the bottoms have historically earned huge profits in the very short-term. That’s why I’m a BUYER – not a SELLER – in this market.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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