The Lost Decade, American Style?

Housing prices fell as much as 18% in November 2008 when compared to the year-earlier period. Consumer confidence registered a 40-year low. Influential NYU economics professor Nouriel Roubini says unemployment will hit 9% and that the best we can hope for is 1% GDP growth in 2010. 
Throw in the massive amount of layoffs announced Monday, and you might think there would be a substantial sell-off going on. But stocks are actually staging a bit of a rally just above important support levels. 
Even steel stocks like Nucor (NYSE:NU) and U.S. Steel (NYSE:X), which are bearing the brunt of the global recession, are showing some strength today. 
As brutal as October’s decline was, it did what was needed – it priced in a potentially record-setting recession.  
*****For the first time, I’ve heard an economist acknowledge that there is the potential for America to end up with its own version of Japan’s Lost Decade. 
When Japan’s asset bubble burst in the early 1990s, Japan’s banks were loaded with non-performing loans. Instead of working to get these loans off the books, Japan simply kept re-capitalizing its banks. The banks survived as "zombie" banks, unable to lend. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 
I’ve discussed this potential situation before in Daily Profit. But in the mainstream financial media, most feel that America is too dynamic to end up like 1990s Japan. 
Well, in addition to his pessimistic projection of 2010 GDP growth, Mr. Roubini is coming around to the "Lost Decade" argument. He’s advocating that the U.S government nationalize troubled banks, fix the balance sheets and then sell them off to private investors. 
I’m sure Americans won’t like this idea any more than the bailouts. But it’s probably a far more efficient way to deal with the problem. Current bailouts are just a band-aid and aren’t going to cure the problem. Plus, we’d all have the pleasure of watching these ego-maniacal CEOs finally get put out on the street. 
*****Now, I have a couple administrative items to attend to. First, I’m going to include something extra with Wednesday’s Daily Profit. I contacted a friend who runs an options trading service. His name is Bryan Bottarelli, and he’s been having a lot of success trading options during this difficult market. I asked Bryan to sit down for an interview so we could get a look behind the scenes, as it were. Bryan consented, and I’ll be sending you a copy of that interview tomorrow. I think you’ll enjoy it. 
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