NYT Reports ‘Uber Is Lowballing Its IPO’

Uber (private) is setting itself up for a dazzling market debut.Uber IPO
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Late last year, Wall Street bankers were clamoring to manage Uber’s supersized initial public offering.
They told CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that the company could be worth $100 billion to $120 billion!
However, Uber has watched competitor Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) make some big mistakes. Specifically, Lyft aggressively raised its IPO price in the days before going public. And after a richly priced IPO, Lyft shares are now down 16%.
That’s a stark contrast to Pinterest (NYSE: PINS).
The social media company went public at $19 per share. And the stock has been on fire ever since.
Pinterest shares jumped 25% on their opening day. And the stock has continued rising – currently posting gains of 80%.

Pinterest: New IPO Surges 80%

UBER ipo

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Uber is now planning to sell IPO shares for $44 to $50.
That price for the Uber IPO would give the company a market value of $80 billion to $91 billion.
That’s a sizable discount from the +$100 billion figure that was shared for the Uber IPO just a couple weeks ago. And this change reflects Uber’s more conservative approach to its IPO.
The New York Times says, “Uber is lowballing its IPO.”
That could be good news for investors. It means that Uber IPO shares could see big profits in the days after the IPO – just like we’ve seen with Pinterest.
Uber IPO shares will begin trading next Friday on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol “UBER.”
But don’t expect to get shares at the IPO price . . .
Unfortunately, these coveted Uber IPO shares are typically handed out to hedge funds, pension funds, corporate insiders and billionaire investors.
Regular folks don’t stand  a chance. And that means you have just two choices.
First, you can WAIT for the Uber IPO to open on the NYSE. You’ll probably pay at least $60 per share for the stock. That’s because the stock will likely immediately jump above the IPO price.
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