Ex-Morgan Stanley Banker Launches $170 Million IPO

Smart money investors are loading up on uranium.
That’s why a former investment banker recently launched a new IPO.
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It’s called Yellow Cake PLC (London: YCA).
The name refers to a type of uranium powder that’s mined from the ground. And the newly public company is 100% focused on profiting from the rise in uranium prices.
Yellow Cake raised $170 million from investors in a July IPO.
And unlike most public companies, Yellow Cake doesn’t create any products or provide any services.
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Instead, the company aims to profit from the rising price of uranium – also known as “U3O8”.
Due to an exceptional confluence of events, uranium is one of the few commodities yet to recover from the recent commodities bear market. We believe that uranium is fundamentally and structurally mispriced in the current market, and on a historical basis,” explains CEO Andre Liebenberg.
Using its cash from the uranium IPO, Yellow Cake purchased 8.1 million pounds of uranium from the Kazakhstan state-owned producer.
In addition to the initial purchase, the company has the right to buy another $100 million of “U3O8” annually for the next nine years.
That means the company is investing $1 billion in uranium over the next decade!
The company behind the uranium IPO has NO plans to use the uranium. And it’s currently being stored in Canada at facilities managed by Cameco (NYSE: CCJ).
Yellow Cake was created by Peter Bacchus, after spending his career at Jefferies & Co. and Morgan Stanley. In his most recent role, he was the head of European investment banking.
That explains why Bacchus decided to launch the uranium IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
The trade is already paying off – with a 33% gain.
Yellow Cake purchased its uranium at just $21 per pound. Today, the commodity is trading on the spot market at around $28.
Since the uranium IPO, shares of Yellow Cake are up only 12.7%.
Unfortunately, that means the price of the stock is lagging the gains for the commodity.
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