April 1 Kicks off 1,053% Gains (Profit Accelerator #2)

Yesterday, I revealed how Profit Accelerator #1…
Could send U3O8 prices surging 393%. And that my top three stocks could gain +1,053%.
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The most profitable trades always include a “catalyst.”
What’s that? A future – and often unexpected event – that could send prices surging. And that’s what I want to explain with Profit Accelerator #2.
Here’s what’s happening…
Last year, two uranium mining stocks filed a formal petition.
Why? Because China, Russia and other countries are dumping U3O8 in the U.S. market. And that’s pushing prices lower and making it impossible for American companies to compete.
Today, the United States gets 95% of its “yellowcake” from foreign companies. And only 5% is produced domestically.
That’s a huge problem – and a national security risk.
As a result, these two companies have asked the Trump administration to intervene.
Sound familiar? Well, it’s almost identical to the situation with steel and aluminum. And we know that Trump stepped in to protect these industries.
The same thing is happening right now.
The Trump administration has already added U3O8 to the Final List of Critical Minerals 2018.
Within two weeks, the U.S. Commerce Department could release recommendations to the president.
In fact, the decision could come as soon as April 1.
Now, the president has the ultimate authority here. He could implement tariffs – or require that 25% of America’s uranium be produced in the U.S.
President Trump could decide anytime between April and July.
Today, nobody is paying attention to this situation.
That’s actually a good thing.
Because you’ve got to invest early – if you want to earn big profits. And it’s be too late if you were reading about this in USA Today and seeing it on CNBC.
Today is the best time to get positioned…
BEFORE this story gets out in April.
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During the last bull market, the worst uranium stock went up +1,233%!
After 11 months of analysis…
I’ve selected just three uranium stocks for explosive profits. And the gains could be life-changing.
My just-released research reveals price targets that are 1,053% . . . 2,966% and even 4,235% above the current share price.
A small $1,000 investment in each of these uranium stocks could balloon to $85,651!
This may sound impossible…
But it’s exactly the same thing that happened during the last bull market.
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Ian Wyatt
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