Notebook Reveals 3X Pot Profit Secret

Hi – I just had a great meeting with Andy this afternoon… and I forgot to send you the details.
I’m rushing to record a video with Andy at my library…
But I want to give you the notes from our private meeting.
Here’s a photo from my personal notebook…

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Pot Stocks: A New Bull Market
It’s a new bull market – and it’s just getting started.
Here’s the best news…
My colleague – Andy Crowder – has developed a secret “pot stock” profit strategy.
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Oh – and then there’s Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CARA).
The stock is crushing the market – with 63.6% YTD gains.
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Basically, if you’re willing to take a couple extra steps, you could make 3X more money.
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Here’s your personal link.
Ian Wyatt
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