2 Reasons Stocks Will Rise in 2024

Happy President’s Day!

The stock market is closed. But you still get to hear from me…

Last week’s inflation print scared investors for a few hours. And then shrugged it off.

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There are two key reasons stocks will keep rising.

#1. The Fed is DONE raising interest rates.

The next move is to cut rates. It doesn’t matter if its March… May… June… or September.

The next move is lower.

That’s a tailwind for stocks in 2024.

#2. The AI Revolution is Real

Artificial Intelligence was mostly hype in 2023.

It’s a reality in 2024.

AI is boosting productivity and profits. And we’re in the 1st inning of this new AI super cycle.

My advice is simple…

Stay long.

Use any short-term pullbacks to add to your favorite positions.

And don’t let the day-to-day noise get in the way of the long-term trend.

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