7 Stocks for 77% Profits 9 (chart)

Hope you’re having an amazing weekend…

Here are two ideas to start your weekend…

1. Magnificent 7 Dominate

There have been 7 “must-own” stocks…

Known as the “Magnificent 7.”

If you own them – directly or through an index – you’re crushing the market.

If you don’t own them – you’re trailing the market by a large margin during the last year:

  • Magnificent 7: +77%
  • S&P 500: +20%
  • Russel 2000: +5%
  • S&P 500 Equal Weight: +4%

You could’ve made 77% simply buying the 7 biggest tech stocks.

A picture tells 1,000 words…


You’re either “long” the Mag 7…

Or you’re trailing the market in a very bad way.

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2. Fierce Debate on Russia & Ukraine

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

I introduced the video by writing…

“It’s worth understand Putin’s perspective on the war if we want to help bring this conflict to an end.”

There was a bit of backlash from readers including John C. who wrote…

“Putin is the devil himself. There is NO Justification for what he is doing. How terrible of you to even send this out. I can only assume you are a supporter of what Putin is doing to Ukraine.”

To be clear…

I don’t support Putin or Russia’s attack on Ukraine. I was simply sharing this video to provide an alternative perspective.


Because if we don’t understand the other side’s point of view…

It’s impossible to work toward resolution.

I figure ending the Russia-Ukraine war is in the best interest of everyone. Especially the people in these countries who are losing their lives in the battle.

That’s not pro-Russia. Or pro-Ukraine.

It’s pro-Peace.

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