Favorites: Biden Quits

Happy Saturday!

Here are my favorites for this week…

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Biden Quits. Don’t Worry. Kamala Is “Ready”

President Biden is too old for a 2nd term…

That’s according to 82% of American voters.

VP Kamala Harris replied to the criticism saying…

“I am ready to serve. There is no question about that.”

Unfortunately, Kamala’s approval rating is even lower than Biden.

Democrats may need a new plan.

Share Your Thoughts: What do you think? Is Biden too old for a 2nd term? Should Kamala Harris run instead?

Please reply to let me know.

Microsoft: We’ve moved from talking about AI to applying AI at scale

You must read Microsoft’s conference call transcript if you’re an…

  1. AI believer who wants to get more pumped up
  2. AI skeptic who thinks this is 100% hype

Microsoft is one of the most important players in the AI revolution. And it’s critical to hear what CEO Satay Nadella says is happening right now with MSFT clients.

Nadella’s comments make 1-thing certain.

The AI revolution is here. And it’s going to be huge.

That’s why I’m giving away my Top 5 AI stocks for 2024.

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