AI Predicts 3 Oil Stock Winners for April

The price of oil has been roaring higher…

Due to rising tensions in the Middle East.

This new AI trading bot accurately predicts the top oil stocks to BUY NOW.

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Crude oil prices hit a 6-month high of $90 per barrel. That’s an 18% gain since the start of the year.

Three things are powering oil to new highs.

  • OPEC production cuts
  • Rising demand for oil products
  • Conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Iran

Here you can see the price action in Brent Crude Oil.

My team has been using a new AI trading bot to spot winning trades.

So, I asked it to look for the best energy stock trades during the next 30 – 60 days.

Here are three of the top trades…

Trade #1: EQT Corp. (NYSE: EQT)

80% chance of a winning trade. Projected profit of 9.2% in the next 50 days. A 91% annualized return.

Trade #2: Targa Resources (NYSE: TRGP)

70% chance of a winning trade. Projected profit of 21% in the next 60 days. A 220% annualized return.

Trade #3: The Williams Companies (NYSE: WMB)

70% chance of a winning trade. Projected profit of 14% in the next 60 days. A 122% annualized return.

How exactly can you use AI to find winning trades?

My team has spent the last year working with this breakthrough technology. And it allows us to focus on trades with an 80% probability of profit.

That means we can stack the deck in our favor every single week.

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