AI Solves Jerome Powell’s Big Mistake

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is fixated inflation.

That’s why he’s jacked up interest rates from 0% to 5.25% at the fastest pace in history.

Yet these rate hikes are sending home prices falling. And they’re breaking banks like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic.

However, one unlikely technology breakthrough could crush inflation.

Enter Artificial Intelligence – also known simply as AI.

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Artificial Intelligence is already unleashing a productivity boom.

How does AI help inflation?

Gains in productivity are deflationary.

My prediction is that as AI increases productivity – we’re going to see inflation fall very rapidly. Companies can hire fewer workers as productivity increases. This reduces demand for labor – slowing wage inflation.

Chairman Powell has been raising rates to fight inflation.

Yet I’m expecting that Artificial Intelligence fueled productivity gains will play a big role in slowing inflation over the next year or two.

Let me explain…

There are one billion knowledge workers in the world. This includes people in a wide range or roles including customer service, marketing, research, HR, software development and consultants.

AI is the most powerful tool since the internet became widespread in the late 1990s. And just like the Internet – it’s quickly changing the way that people work.

66% of jobs could be partially automated by Artificial Intelligence, according to Goldman Sachs.

This in turn means that people become more productive. Specifically, they’re able to accomplish more output in the same amount of time.

A new study from Stanford and MIT measured the work of 5,000 customer support workers. It found that those using AI tools were able to improve productivity by 14%.

That increase productivity is expected to boost global economy by $7 trillion. Plus, Goldman Sachs expects that AI will boost corporate profits by 30% over the next decade.

There is always fear and denial about new technologies.

However, it’s quickly becoming clear that Artificial Intelligence will be transformative.

Workers who embrace AI will have tons of options and loads of job security. Those who refuse to learn or invest their time will suffer.

Businesses who integrate AI and train their workers will thrive. Those who stick to their current business gameplan will go the way of Blockbuster and Kodak.

Investors who learn about AI and invest in the sector will reap the returns. And those who dismiss this as the next bubble will be left in the dust.

The AI revolution is here right now.

That’s why the world’s most successful investors including Stanley Drunkenmiller, Bill Ackman, Steve Cohen and David Tepper are investing billions in AI tech stocks.

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