JPMorgan CEO Issues New Fed Prediction

JPMorgan’s (NYSE: JPM) CEO just said…

That interest rates could go to 6% or even 7%.

And that’d be AMAZING news for income investors because the Fed raising rates is creating an almost PERFECT environment to make huge income.

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Last Monday was JPMorgan’s Investor Day.

And CEO Jamie Dimon said that he expects more turmoil in the banking sector.

He also said he cannot say what impact the Fed’s monetary policy will have.

In his own words:

“We’ve never had QT before. It just started, okay? And you see huge distortions in the marketplace already. We’ve never had the Fed in the market like this with that RRP program that Jeremy mentioned ever. They have $2.3 trillion basically lent out to money funds. And I don’t know the full effect of that.”

Also, contrary to what most investors think…

He expects the Fed to jack up interest rates even more.

“I think everyone should be prepared for rates going higher from here. You should be prepared for 6% or 7%” – he said.

And if the Fed DOES raise rates to that level…

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