Apple’s Huge Mistake

In 2016 Tesla was struggling.

The company produced just 76k EVs that year…

And reported a net loss of $675 million.

That’s when Elon Musk asked to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Elon Musk's tweet about Apple CEO Tim Cook on Twitter.

Elon says that Tim Cook refused to meet.

Instead of buying Tesla…

Apple spent 10 years and invested billions in Project Titan.

This was Apple’s attempt to make a self-driving EV – also known as the “iCar.”

Ultimately, CEO Tim Cook decided it was just too hard.

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Apple has over $73 billion in cash.

The company could easily buy an existing EV automaker – IF they wanted to enter the market.

Here are a few options – and their market values.

Apple had considered buying Canoo in 2020. At the time, Canoo was trading at $10 per share – versus $0.10 today.

Apple could easily buy any of these companies if they paid a 20% – 30% premium to the recent share price.

Here’s the key point…

Designing and building EVs is really difficult.

Building millions of cars per year is nearly impossible.

GM. Ford. Chrysler. BMW. Mercedes. Apple.

They’ve all tried to scale up with EVs.

And they’ve all run into huge challenges along the way.

Tesla is the only western automaker to profitably scale up its EV production.

Tesla’s next major revolution is underway.

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