Beware of Cathie Wood’s New AI Pick!

After seeing the massive potential AI has…

Cathie Wood’s internet fund has snapped up $11 million in Microsoft shares.

But this is the same woman who lost tons of investors’ money over the last year.

So a smarter move could be to buy these 3 hidden AI stocks instead.

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You might remember that back in 2021…

Cathie Wood was nothing short of a rockstar stock picker.

The talking heads on mainstream media LOVED her.

And they ran praising articles about her left and right.

But fast forward to 2022…

And her track record is TERRIBLE.

That’s why a lot of folks when they see she’s in on some stock, they go short.

And if she’s short, they buy in.

Sort of like when Jim Cramer recommends a stock.

Well, after noticing the ChatGPT boom…

She’s loading up on Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock.

Microsoft has attracted bullish views thanks to its $10 billion investment in OpenAI.

But now that Cathie Wood is investing in it, you might want to consider other AI plays.

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Because AI is the biggest transformational tech trend of the last 20 years.

As Bill Gates just said, it will “change our world.”

Banking giant UBS says the AI market could be worth a trillion dollars.

And some of the biggest names in tech are making massive investments in AI.

Google is doing EVERYTHING they can to catch up in the AI race…

Elon Musk just started a new AI company to challenge ChatGPT…

And even Amazon announced that it’s joining the AI race with two new AI language models available through its cloud platform, Amazon Web Services.

This NEW wave of investments in AI is creating a huge opportunity for investors who jump into the right trades RIGHT NOW.

Thankfully, this is only the 1st inning of this brand-new tech boom.

So it’s as early stage as it gets.

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