Musk vs Microsoft: New AI Smackdown!


Elon Musk just THREATENED to sue Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Accusing the software giant of illegally using Twitter’s data to train its AI model.

It’s yet another battle between tech giants in the A.I. race.

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Last Wednesday…

Several publications reported that Microsoft would DROP Twitter from its advertising platform – to which Musk responded:

After all…

Data ownership is KEY for Big Tech to develop AI models like ChatGPT.

Microsoft is betting big money with their $10 billion investment in OpenAI…

But Musk is not happy about this deal, as you can see below:

Microsoft will get paid back 75% of its investment from OpenAI profits.

And it will ultimately own 49% of OpenAI.

The other 49% will be owned by other investors.

Plus, OpenAI’s non-profit organization will retain a 2% equity stake.

Microsoft is placing big bets on artificial intelligence.

And its $10 billion investment in OpenAI is just the start.

This major investment is sparking a wave of new investments in artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence is the biggest tech transformation in a decade.

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