CBS Admits Brutal Social Security Truth

I’ve been saying this for MONTHS now…

But with the massive price hikes we got across the board, the new 8.7% increase in Social Security is a drop in the bucket at best.

And now the talking heads at CBS are FINALLY admitting the truth.

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Last Monday…

CBS News published an article called “Social Security increase doesn’t go far amid inflation” where they share a very common story nowadays.

Judy Allen—an 81-year-old retiree from Montana—is struggling to make ends meet.

And this year’s Social Security cost-of-living increase barely helps.

While she received $1,000 in SS last year…

She now gets $1,080.

Sadly, not only is her story quite common, but there’s a HUGE amount of folks who rely heavily on SS.

As Ramsey Alwin—the president of the National Council on Aging—said…

“For one in four [Americans], it is more than 90% of their income in retirement.”

Add to that higher Medicare premiums and the sky-high inflation that we have…

And you can see why this 8.7% COLA is a drop in the bucket at best.

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