Powell Wants to Destroy Your Retirement

Jerome Powell just said…

That additional rate hikes will likely be necessary to crush inflation.

Which means he needs to destroy your quality of life as well as your retirement.

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In a new interview at the Economic Club of Washington D.C…

The Fed’s Jerome Powell said that there’re more work to do in combating inflation.

And that more rate hikes are necessary to bring inflation back to 2%.

In his own words…

“This process is likely to take quite a bit of time. It’s not going to be, we don’t think, smooth. It’s probably going to be bumpy.”

But here’s the truth that Powell is not telling you.

This inflation he’s trying to crush is happening because the Fed “over-loosened.”

And not only is the Fed way too late in rising rates…

But now they need to destroy demand to get inflation back under control.

That means causing a recession, crashing the housing market, manufacturing much higher unemployment, and crashing the stock market.

Why? Simple…

He needs to inflict that pain to create deflation and discourage people from borrowing.

You might think that you’ll have to suck it up…

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