ChatGPT Solves 3-Year Medical Mystery

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

I really think AI is going to have MASSIVE implications in healthcare.

And today’s story is yet another example.

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Meet Alex…

… a boy who saw 17 doctors over 3 years for chronic pain.

Alex started experiencing pain that stopped him from playing with other kids.

In fact, the pains started to get so bad…

That Alex’s nanny had to give him Motrin or he had gigantic meltdowns.

But doctors couldn’t find the cause.

Three years passed with no luck – until his mother tried ChatGPT.

The mother shared with AI all her son’s symptoms.

And sure enough…

ChatGPT suggested what turned out to be the right diagnosis: tethered cord syndrome.

She took the diagnosis to a doctor…

The doctor CONFIRMED the diagnosis…

And Alex underwent surgery to fix his tethered cord syndrome a few weeks ago and is still recovering.

Frankly, we could see a ramping up of similar stories.

As the CEO of pathology provider Paige said:

“Until ChatGPT got released, no one really understood how this is going to impact their lives.”

Adding that “this is sort of a groundbreaking, land-on-the-moon kind of moment […]”

The release of ChatGPT has sparked a massive AI profit wave…

… sending some stocks as high as +200% since January.

Could healthcare stocks be the NEXT +200% winners in the AI boom?

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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