Citigroup’s New AI Prediction

Banking giant Citigroup (NYSE: C) says…

“Artificial Intelligence is a game changer.”

The bank is rushing to develop its own proprietary AI trading models – but they will NEVER make this available to folks like you.

That’s why I’ve spent the last year developing a new AI Trading Agent…

… which is already delivering 80% WINNING trades.

With AI already disrupting Hollywood, health care and other sectors…

Citi says that “its potential to transform countless industries should not be underestimated.”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has a similar view.

He even compared AI to the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone.

And according to Tod McKenna—the Head of Data Science and AI for Securities Services at Citi—portfolio management is one of those sectors where AI tools could have a MAJOR impact.

Instead of having humans pouring over reports and filings…

AI can now do that work for you – better and faster.

That’s because it can analyze VAST amounts of data…

And make predictions about future events “in a way that is well beyond the capabilities of any human.”

As another Citi insider said:

“We have already observed that AI can do things like predict FX spot prices a half second in the future better than anything we have seen before. The same is true for things like complex portfolio optimization.

So not only could AI streamline investment processes…

It could boost returns too.

In fact, that why my team and I have spent the last year developing and refining this AI Trading Agent.

And the results speak for themselves…

It’s already serving up 80% winning trades.

That means it has a proven track record of delivering almost 8 winning trades out of every 10.

And it’s handing investors quick profits of 55%… 57%… 61%… 81%… and 125%.

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Frankly, it doesn’t surprise me seeing Wall Street going all in on AI.

JPMorgan is investing $2 billion in its AI initiatives…

BlackRock is using their own proprietary AI tool called Aladdin…

And Citadel and Citigroup are investing billions too.

They’re seeing just how powerful these AI trading tools can be for their returns.

Problem is… they’re NOT sharing these tools with folks like you.

Instead, they’re keeping them private. And using them to trade for their own accounts or for their wealthy clients.

But you can have the same type of edge that these big banks have.

That’s because this AI Trading Agent uses the same type of AI as theirs.

And it can predict the price of ANY stock or ETF with 80% precision.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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