NEW – Amazon’s AI Power Play

It’s official.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is ramping up its AI push with a new chatbot…

Becoming the latest tech giant who wants to tap into the massive power of AI.

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One year after the launch of ChatGPT…

Amazon just announced its new chatbot called Q.

It’s the tech giant’s new move to challenge Microsoft and Google in productivity software.

The company has made the new preview version available, with many of its features free.

But after the preview period ends, a tier for business users will cost $20 per month.

A version with additional features for developers and IT workers will cost $25 per month, which is slightly cheaper than Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Duet AI.

Q will help businesses to do things like summaries of long documents, group chats, etc.

And it can also answer questions from customers, generate charts, analyze data as well as help businesses with their coding.

The hope is that Q will entice more companies to use Amazon’s cloud computing services.

Tech giants are waging a FIERCE war to win the AI race.

The problem for investors is that many of the big tech stocks have already seen massive gains.

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Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m 100% bullish on AI and the big tech stocks.

Alphabet has been a long-term holding – with gains of 815% in my portfolio.

Microsoft is a newer position – with a 51% gain since February.

Yet I truly believe my biggest AI profits will NOT be from these tech giants.

Instead, I think the biggest winners will be the pure-play AI stocks.

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Thankfully, AI is at a similar stage as the internet was in the 90s.

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