Elon Musk Changes the World, AGAIN!


Elon Musk is changing the world again and again.

His latest accomplishment is the Tesla Model Y becoming the best-selling car worldwide, becoming the first EV to achieve this feat.

Was this another milestone of Musk’s Master Plan 3.0?

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Back in 2016…

Tesla said the Model Y would end up selling between 500k and 1M units per year.

Many considered it a far-fetched prediction.

They don’t anymore.

Model Y has DETHRONED the Toyota Corolla as the world’s best-selling car in Q1.

It’s an amazing accomplishment to say the least…

Especially when you consider this.

The Model Y has availability in the world’s largest markets…

But the Corolla is available EVERYWHERE.

Meanwhile, Model Y sales are growing while Corolla’s are trending downward.

Tesla sold 759k units in 2022… and 267k in Q1 2023.

The latter is up 69% from a year ago and almost double their average quarterly run rate of last year’s sales.

So if sales continue at this rate …

Tesla’s 2016 prediction will come true with 1 million sales.

I first bought Tesla shares back in 2013 at $7.60 a share.

At the time, every news article on the company and EVs were negative.

MarketWatch wrote “Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Tesla Stock” back in 2012.

Business Insider wrote, “The Tesla Nightmare Shows Why Today’s All-Electric Cars Are Basically Dead on Arrival.”

Yet the stock has soared to dizzying heights since then.

And after MANY YEARS, automakers are realizing that they’re making the same mistake Blockbuster made when faced with competition from Netflix.

The world of cars is moving to a NEW direction.

This direction started when Elon Musk published his first Master Plan in 2006.

Where he managed to do almost everything he said he would do.

Ditto with Master Plan 2.

Just $2,500 invested when Master Plan 2 was released would be worth $46,650.

And $2,500 invested when Master Plan 1 was released would’ve multiplied to a whopping $602,941.

That’s why Elon Musk’s Master Plan 3.0 is offering investors an INCREDIBLE profit opportunity again – BUT the profit play is totally different this time.

See, as opposed to Master Plan 1 & 2 where the profit play was to invest in Tesla stock and that’s it…

This time, there’s a small group of undiscovered stocks that could surge dramatically BECAUSE of Musk’s new Master Plan.

And the reason is simple.

Elon Musk revealed that he’s leading a $10 TRILLION effort to eliminate fossil fuels and convert the world to sustainable energy.

To do so…

One of the things he aims is producing 20 million EVs per year.

This requires a lot of batteries.

Which is why Tesla is rushing to lock-up critical supplies of batteries – and inking raw-material deals with several little-known stocks.

As always, investors who act BEFORE these deals hit the news are the ones who have the chance of the biggest gains.

I’m talking about the opportunity to make 1,766% – which is enough to turn $5k into $88,300.

The question is…

What’s the NEXT stock inking a billion-dollar deal?

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