Elon Musk’s NEW Hiring Spree


It’s official.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is on a hiring spree for their Cybertruck production, which is just a few months away.

It’s yet another step of Elon Musk’s new plans for global domination.

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With over 1.5 million reservations…

And Tesla’s GREAT track record of delivering massive numbers of EVs…

The Cybertruck is expected to be a game changer in the electric pick-up truck market.

That’s why Tesla has posted dozens of new job openings linked to its production such as:

  • 7 new jobs related to the Cybertruck paint shop
  • 4 related to casting and stamping
  • And a LOT of new production manager and supervisor positions


Tesla said that it aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer.

But it also has a history of pushing that date several times.

That’s why we may not see significant deliveries until 2024…

But no matter WHEN production starts, it’s all part of Musk’s new Master Plan.

And this is great news for a group of undiscovered stocks that could surge soon.

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See, to produce those Cybertrucks…

As well as reaching their target of producing 20 million EVs per year…

One thing that Tesla needs is batteries.

A lot of them.

That’s why it’s rushing to lock-up critical supplies of batteries – and inking raw-material deals with several little-known stocks.

And they’re far from the only automaker doing so.

Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota are too.

All these automakers are signing deals with undiscovered stocks.

And the size of these deals is absolutely massive, as you can see below:

  • $186 million deal to acquire 80,000 pounds of cobalt per year
  • $1.7 billion agreement to buy nickel from a midwestern mining stock
  • $5.1 billion agreement to buy lithium from an Australian company

Dozens of new deals could be announced in the coming weeks.

And once they’re announced – shares can quickly jump 132%… 548%… 614%.

In fact, that’s how much some stocks have jumped after an announcement.

As always, investors who act BEFORE these deals hit the news are the ones who have the chance of the biggest gains.

The question is…

What’s the NEXT stock inking a billion-dollar deal?

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