Your Social Security in Peril

The director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just said…

That Social Security (SS) payments are on a path to being cut by about 25%.

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Phillip Swagel is the director of CBO.

And in an appearance on Fox Business…

He said that SS is on a fiscal trajectory that could result in benefits being cut by about 25% within a decade from now.

In his own words:

“The Social Security Trust Fund is exhausted in 2032 in our projections. So benefits will be reduced by about 25% after that time.”

Adding that…

The federal Government would “need about an additional $250 billion to keep benefits just within this decade, and in the next decade it’s $8 trillion.”

The comments are alarming to say the least.

Especially considering that Joe Biden’s fiscal 2024 budget had no specific plan to restore Social Security’s trust funds.

So while he wants to forgive student loans…

He has no specific plan to pay those who actually paid into the system.

Frankly, it’s beyond me.

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