Home Depot Founder SCHOOLS the Fed!

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Billionaire Ken Langone just called out the Fed for not acting on raging inflation.

The comments come as the Fed is prepared to raise rates higher…

Which is great news for income investors because the Fed rising rates is creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn huge income.

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Last Wednesday…

Home Depot (NYSE: HD) founder Ken Langone schooled the Fed by saying:

“They act like the gang that can’t shoot straight because we should keep raising rates until we break it.”

Frankly, he is saying what a lot of folks think…

Which is that we need to rip off the band aid and raise rates to tame inflation.

And while the little people are the ones that will get hurt the most…

The Fed raising rates is also creating the best environment for income-generating investments in over 40 years – for those who know how to take advantage of it.

See, higher rates mean higher income from every investment.

This means you can buy high-yield income investment at a cheap valuation – creating an almost perfect set up for huge profits in the coming months for you.

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  1. Earn high yields on your cash investment today, and…
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