Google’s New Plan to Catch ChatGPT

A new internal directive at Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) just said…

That AI needs to be incorporated into ALL of its biggest products within months.

Will the tech giant be able to keep its pole position?

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Against all odds…

Google is NOT the early leader in generative AI software.

The spot goes to startup OpenAI.

The company released ChatGPT last November and—after more than 100 million users in less than 2 months—it is now the most viral app ever.

Then Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) threw their hat into the AI ring…

Announcing it would be integrating Open AI’s revolutionary AI chatbot into its Bing search engine.

Google rapidly announced a rival chat bot called Bard.

But it flopped.

And now the tech giant is viewed as playing catch up to Microsoft and OpenAI.

Their new plan?

To stuff AI into everything.

In fact, OpenAI’s ties to Microsoft are so threatening to Google…

That current employees say that it has led to substantial anxiety in the company – according to Bloomberg.

So much so…

That CEO Sundar Pichai is doing tasks that are generally below his paygrade, such as weighing in directly on the details of products features.

Even co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are weighing in…

… with the latter submitting code changes to Bard.

The company has even announced a “code red” with a directive that all of its most important products MUST incorporate AI with months.

Frankly, Silicon Valley’s AI obsession is growing bigger by the day.

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Because as Google’s CEO said…

This game-changing tech will be “more profound than fire or electricity.”

That’s why Microsoft is investing $10 billion in this AI startup…

That’s why Google is SCRAMBLING to put AI into everything…

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