Favorites: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

Happy Saturday! I’m ready for the weekend.

My highlight this week was celebrating my youngest daughter’s birthday. We skipped ½ day of school and work to hit the slopes (photo below).

Here’s a few of my favorites this week…

Elon Musk Reveals ChatGPT for Your Car

It’s called the DoJo Initiative. It’ll transform Tesla and could send its market value soaring to over $1 trillion.

Yet 3 hidden stocks could be the biggest winners. And they could hand you profits of 733%887%… and even 1,150%

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Watch: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

Former Fox host Tucker Carlson flew to Moscow to interview Russia President Putin. It’s Putin’s first major interview by western media since the war with Ukraine began.

It’s now 2 years into the Russia-Ukraine war. The mainstream media has done an excellent job drumming up support for Ukraine.

It’s worth understand Putin’s perspective on the war if we want to help bring this conflict to an end.

Free Report: Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks for 2024

2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence hype. 2024 is the year when it goes mainstream.

Companies like Microsoft and SalesForce should see big growth due to AI. Apple could re-launch Siri as an AI assistant. And AI could allow Tesla to make fully autonomous vehicles.

So, what are the best stocks to buy for the AI revolution?

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Read: John Grisham’s The Exchange

I’m reading the latest book from John Grisham. The Exchange features Mitch McDeere from the book The Firm.

It’s your typical legal thriller focused on a dispute in Lybia that leads to the kidnapping of a young and beautiful Italian lawyer. If you like Grisham – it’s worth grabbing a copy.

Podcast: Startups Protecting America

Honestly pod interviews 3 guests who are building new defense tech companies. They’re building drones, robots and technology to protect our borders and support our troops.

It’s a great conversation about why we need more startups creating innovation within the defense industry.

That’s all for today!

Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.


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