They HATE This New Apple Device

Apple just unveiled its new Vision Pro headset.

There’s widespread criticism of the Apple’s newest device.

Here’s the NYT article…

Vision Pro Review: Apple’s First Headset Lacks Polish and Purpose.

“Billed as the future of computing, the $3,500 goggles can’t replace a laptop for work. At times, wearing them also made our columnist feel nauseated.”


People love to criticize new products from Apple. Here are a couple examples…

In 2010 Apple released the 1st generation iPad.

Critics asked why anyone who had an iPhone or a laptop would need an iPad tablet.

Well, apparently lots of people.

Apple sold nearly 10 million iPads in the first year. And total sales have eclipsed 600 million units.

In 2015 Apple launched the Watch.

Tech publications like ZDNET lashed out with criticism….

“Not many people want a wrist-mounted device that’s that unwieldy, so compromises had to be made.

A tiny display, heavy reliance on the iPhone, and a battery that barely makes it through a day are the compromises that had to be made to make the Apple Watch dream a reality.”

Apple Watch sales are now over 50 million units per year. And the company has a 50% market share for smart watches.

So, we know that Apple often launches an initial device. And it’s far from perfect.

Let’s take a look at the Apple Vision Pro…

Apple describes it as a spatial computer.

It’s a virtual reality headset that lets you view digital content such as apps, movies, a web browser, photos or text messages.

Yet you view this content while seeing things in your physical space.

OpenAI’s Sam Altman says that…

“Vision Pro is the second most impressive tech since the iPhone.”

Other reviews suggest that Vision Pro is cool and interesting. Yet the price is expensive and there are limited uses.

Here’s the big take away…

Apple’s 1st generation products are innovative.

Yet they aren’t complete. And they often leave customers wanting more (and the next version).

The iPhone 15 is leaps ahead of the 1st version released by Steve Jobs in 2007.

You can expect the same with the Vision Pro.

I’m excited to see Apple innovating with virtual reality. And the device will improve as Apple continues to innovate.

Real world use cases will emerge as apps are developed for the product.

I’ve found its best to not bet against Tim Cook and the team in Cupertino California.

That’s what I’ve learned as a shareholder since 2010 – watching AAPL stock rice over 1,200%.

2024 is the year that Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality go mainstream. And it’s critical that you add exposure in your portfolio.

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