Goldman Sachs: Buy These 2 Stocks

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) says that more rate hikes are coming…

And they’re recommending 2 stocks for the current market environment.

Let’s discuss if they’re the best plays for you…

Or if you’ll be better off with these 37 little-known secrets to beat inflation.

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Despite the fastest rate hike in over 40 years…

Inflation is still more than DOUBLE the Fed’s target rate.

That’s why Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon says:

“I sense that [inflation] is going to be stickier, it’s come off its peak, but it’s going to be stickier and more resilient which is why we’re expecting that while the Fed may pause and will be data dependent, you might need to see higher rates to ultimately control it some more.

This makes the case for defensive plays…

And two of Goldman’s favorites are Flywire Corporation (NASDAQ: FLYW) and Walmart, Inc. (NYSE: WMT).

But while these could be good income investments for you…

One of the BEST income plays you could make now is investing in Shadow Funds.

Shadow Funds are a little-known type of fund that some of the most well-known investors use to grow their income and wealth in uneasy times.

I’m taking about Bill Ackman, Mario Gabelli, and Warren Buffett (just to name a few).

Instead of quarterly dividends…

Shadow Funds typically pay monthly income.

And it’s not uncommon to get paid 10%… 15%… or even 20%.

With a $10k investment, you could earn $1,000… $1,500or $2,000 per month.

That makes it easy to plan ahead and use the cash to pay the bills.

Or you can take the cash flow to re-invest.

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And if for any reason this income strategy isn’t for you…

I’m also sharing 36 income strategies more that I’m personally using right now.

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