How Can Anyone Trust These Guys?

Two days ago there was a Yahoo Finance article that said…

“The odds of a year-end rally in the stock market are dwindling, Morgan Stanley’s top strategist says” – and just ONE DAY after there was another article that said…

Morgan Stanley’s top strategist says U.S stocks could enjoy a year-end rally.

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The Morgan Stanley strategist is Michael Wilson.

And while he may be ranked No.1 in last year’s Institutional investor survey after correctly predicting the selloff in stocks, his predictions are not always right.

Like earlier THIS year for example…

… when he predicted that a 20% selloff was imminent.

But after it didn’t pan out, he conceded in a note to clients over the summer by saying “we were wrong.”

That being said…

He tends to have ONE prediction, except in his last Monday note to clients.

In it, he basically says that he has a base case of the market going down…

Followed by another case of the market going up!

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