JPMorgan’s New AI Stock Picker

Meet IndexGPT…

JPMorgan’s (NYSE: JPM) new AI tool to help investors pick stocks.

Problem is… they’ll NEVER make this available to folks like you.

That’s why I’ve spent the last year developing a new AI Trading agent that has proven to deliver 85% winning trades.

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According to a filing…

JPMorgan is developing a ChatGPT-like software to pick investments for customers.

The product is called IndexGPT – and it will tap “cloud computing software using artificial intelligence” for “analyzing and selecting securities tailored for customer needs.”

After seeing the MASSIVE power and success ChatGPT has had…

Big banks are realizing just how profitable AI can be for them and their clients.

Especially when it comes to an even more powerful and far less discussed type of AI.

One that can make HIGHLY accurate predictions about the future.

That’s why JPMorgan is rushing to develop its new AI tool.

As their global tech leader said…

“We’ve recognized the power of opportunity of these tools.”

The problem is that they’re NOT sharing this new AI tool.

Instead, they’re keeping this private.

And using it to trade for their own accounts or for their wealthy clients.

But don’t think you’ll be in the dark from this type of AI tool.

Last year, after seeing just how huge AI was…

I gathered my team and started working tirelessly developing—and refining—a brand-new AI tool.

One that uses the same type of AI as JPMorgan’s.

I named this new tool the AI Trading Agent.

And it’s accuracy is every trader’s dream: 85% winning trades.

That means it has a proven record of delivering an average of 8 profitable trades for every 10. How?

By literally doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Every day it examines 8,639 stocks and ETFs…

Crunching over 21,770,280 data points…

And working to make sense from thousands of potential trades.

It then filters out more than 99.9% of those potential trades – and spits out the best 5 – 10 trades.

Here’s just a few of our recent winners:

  • 32.9% on Intel in 14 days
  • 41.7% on Invesco in 3 days
  • 42.3% on Fiserve in 27 days
  • 46.7% on Autodesk in 17 days
  • 57.4% on Adobe in 24 days
  • 60.6% on Home Depot in 12 days
  • 66.0% on SAIA in 14 days
  • 72.1% on Teleflex in 6 days
  • 81.0% on L3Harris in 4 days
  • 125.0% on RLI in 24 days

So how exactly does this work?

And most importantly, how could it help YOU make $6,250 in less than a month?

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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