More Retirees Are Heading Back to Work

Warren Buffett’s wealth-generating strategy

According to a new report…

A growing number of retirees are heading back to work.

Some because it keeps them busy – but most because of financial reasons and the current high inflation.

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The new report was from T. Rowe Price.

And it revealed that 45% of retirees chose to work again for social and emotional benefits – while 48% did so because they really need the money.

Folks who choose to work again despite not needing the money do so because they don’t want to give up work completely.

But it’s a very different story for those who need the money.

Retirement accounts took a BIG hit in 2022.

And while they were clawing back a bit in 2023, costs have gone up at least 17% – 20%.

That’s a recipe to return to work or put off retirement for another 3-4 years…

… unless you have other ways to increase your income fast.

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It can be a strong earnings report…

A business reorganization…

A change in business fortunes…

A large legal settlement…

A change in tax law.

These payouts are frequently a “signaling mechanism” – signaling to investors there are better days ahead and that the time to invest is now.

Companies also pay them for other reasons.

For example, removing excess cash from the balance sheet.

An excess of any asset—including cash—is wasteful.

Cash is sterile, it generates little-to-no return.

So a Supercharged Payout is a way to remove excess cash and return it to its rightful owners: The shareholders.

The corporation benefits because it can maintain a higher return on invested capital.

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