Jim Cramer’s New AI Picks!

Jim Cramer says you should invest in the main tech giants who bet on AI.

But this is the same guy who was pitching Silicon Valley Bank not long ago.

So a smarter bet could be these 5 hidden AI stocks instead.

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Jim Cramer’s predictions have been TERRIBLE over the years.

He pumped Lehman Brothers in 2008 right before collapsing…

Sam Bankman Fried’s crypto fund FTX before it went bankrupt…

And Silicon Valley Bank before it went bust.

In fact, Cramer has been wrong so many times…

That a lot of investors do the OPPOSITE of what he says.

Well, after noticing the AI boom…

He’s now urging investors to bet on the ‘Magnificent Seven’…

Meaning Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Meta, Tesla, and Alphabet.

So you might want to consider other AI plays.

Frankly, some big tech stocks could still give you a decent return…

But not as much as you could make from pure play AI stocks.

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Because AI is the biggest transformational tech trend of the last 20 years.

As Bill Gates just said, it will “change our world.”

Banking giant UBS says the AI market could be worth a trillion dollars.

And some of the biggest names in tech are making massive investments in AI.

Google is doing EVERYTHING they can to catch up in the AI race…

Elon Musk just started a new AI company to challenge ChatGPT…

And even Amazon announced that it’s joining the AI race with two new AI language models available through its cloud platform, Amazon Web Services.

This NEW wave of investments in AI is creating a huge opportunity for investors who jump into the right trades RIGHT NOW.

Thankfully, this is only the 1st inning of this brand-new tech boom.

So it’s as early stage as it gets.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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