Morgan Stanley: Why Tesla is Worth $400 Per Share

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) isn’t an automaker. It’s a technology platform.

That’s why Tesla continues to rapidly grow it’s EV sales – while Detroit automakers battle it out with the United Auto Workers union.

Elon Musk is on a mission to DESTROY the old school automakers. And Tesla is quickly winning the war.

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Automotive analysts and “Tesla bears” view the company as just another automaker. They say Tesla is just an overpriced version of General Motors (NYSE: GM) or Ford (NYSE: F).

Nothing is further from the truth…

My view has always been that Tesla is building a technology platform. The company’s current products are focused on electric vehicles. Yet Elon Musk’s ambitions stretch far beyond building cars.

Tesla is a technology company that happens to make EVs. Rather than an automaker that embraces technology.

Just consider the innovation at Tesla…

  • Gigafactory: Built its own EV battery factories – and coining the word Gigafactory
  • Supercharger Network: Created a Supercharger network of EV charging stations
  • EV Charging Standard: Developed the standard in EV chargers – which is now being adopted in the U.S. by other automakers
  • Dojo Supercomputer: Developed a supercomputer to compete with NVIDIA and power it’s EVs, AI and self-driving initiatives
  • Full Self Driving: Created the most advanced self-driving technology to power it’s EVs
  • Battery Storage: Built battery storage units so Tesla owners could have battery backup in their homes

Compare that with Detroit’s big three automakers.

These companies outsource almost everything. Many buy their EV batteries from China. And they outsource key components of their cars – including the drivetrain.

Wall Street analysts are starting to embrace the idea that Tesla is a technology platform.

Analyst Adam Jonas at Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) recently raised his TSLA price target to $400 per share. Hesays that Tesla’s Doja supercomputer could add $500 billion to the company’s market cap.

Morgan Stanley explained that Tesla EVs have been described as an “iPhone on wheels.” And he explained…

“From our studying of the software-defined vehicle it becomes clear that many of the key attributes of today’s connected vehicles include all the primary hardware of a smartphone.”

Elon Musk responded to the Morgan Stanley report by explaining…

“Almost all of Tesla’s value long-term will be from AI and robots, both vehicle and humanoid.”

This view is shared by Wedbush analyst Dan Ives – who puts a $350 price target on Tesla.

“I’ve always viewed them as a tech play. And I can argue the FSD angle makes them one of the best AI plays when you look down the road three to five years.”

I’m currently LONG Tesla stock – and think the stock will double from here in the next two or years.

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