New Sector to Unleash Torrent of Financial Opportunities

Banking giant UBS just said…

That the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market will become a trillion-dollar sector that unleashes a TORRENT of financial opportunities.

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For the past few weeks…

We’ had several headline-grabbing news in the AI sector.

Like Microsoft’s new $10 billion deal with OpenAI…

And Google showcasing its AI technology called “Bard” in an event in Paris.

Google’s event didn’t go so well after Bard incorrectly answered a question.

And it sent Google shares crashing 10%… erasing $100B of market value in 1 day.

That big move shows that the stakes for AI are huge.

So much so…

That UBS is now saying that the AI market could be worth a trillion dollars.

According to the Swiss bank, AI is divided intro three stages:

  1. Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI)
  2. Artificial general intelligence (AGI), and…
  3. Artificial super intelligence (ASI).

The first stage is limited in scope with intelligence restricted to only one functional area.

The second stage is a bit more advanced…

Showcasing a bigger power when it comes to reasoning, problem solving and abstract thinking.

And with the release of ChatGPT…

We are now on the BRINK of entering the third stage.

UBS expects the next four years will see the AI industry exploding in growth.

But who will be the winners in this new AI boom?

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Because we are on the early stages of an AI tsunami.

Consider some of the biggest transformational tech trends of the last 20 years…

Like e-commerce… social media… or cloud computing…

And now consider the types of profits investors had the chance to earn by investing in them EARLY.

Well I’d bet that we’re going to see the same exact thing with AI.

Sort of like investing in Amazon at the very beginning of the e-commerce boom…

Or in Apple right before smartphones took over the world.

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They also help big banks identify fraudulent transactions.

Plus, this AI helps optimize sales process and inventory.

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