PayPal Mafia’s New $1 Trillion Opportunity

Have you heard of the PayPal Mafia?

It’s an exclusive club of investors that is behind some of the biggest tech winners in the past 20 years: YouTube, LinkedIn, Palantir, Facebook, Tesla…

And they’re now investing in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup.

It’s sparking a brand-new AI profit wave – from which you could make 874%.

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20 years ago…

PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) revolutionized online payments.

And the platform made it EASY to buy and sell things online.

Yet after the company launched its IPO…

Some of PayPal’s founders and former employees quickly began launching new companies that ended up being some of the biggest successes in Silicon Valley.

I’m talking about YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tesla Motors, SpaceX…

The group is now known as the PayPal Mafia.

They’re behind some of the BEST tech winners in the past two decades.

And they’re now behind the biggest tech innovation since cloud computing.

Now, the world of Silicon Valley startups is typically OFF LIMITS to regular folks.

In fact, these types of early-stage companies typically only raise money from venture capital firms. And these VC firms are VERY restrictive.

That means it’s impossible for regular folks like us to invest.

But my research recently uncovered a secret backdoor that lets regular Americans…

Invest right alongside these top Silicon Valley investors in the AI boom…

And get in on the ground floor of an undiscovered 874% opportunity.

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Because according to Swiss banking giant UBS…

The AI market will become a trillion-dollar sector that unleashes a torrent of financial opportunities.

That’s why Microsoft is investing $10 billion in this AI startup…

That’s why Google is rushing to unveil its own AI solution…

And that’s why I’m doing a FREE briefing on how you could profit from this tech boom.

Inside this live presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The massive artificial intelligence tsunami caused by Chat GPT – and why it’s sending Google and Facebook scrambling.
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  • How AI will create a new $1 trillion market by disrupting millions of jobs.
  • How to avoid FAKE AI stocks that are scams, frauds and will never hand you a profit.
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Artificial intelligence will be bigger than cloud computing… social media… and video streaming.

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